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Impossible Quiz

[Total: 59    Average: 4.3/5]
Colorful and light-hearted, Impossible Quiz is a one of a kind platformer game that will both challenge and reward you in amazingly unique ways. While difficult to describe, The Impossible Quiz is so intuitive that almost anyone of any age will find themselves impossibly addicted to it. Cartoonish and engaging, light-hearted but intelligent, you will find yourself both scratching your head and laughing out loud at this title. You are the participant in a game show like environment in which the host is deliberately trying to trick you with laddish questions designed to test your attention to detail and your childlike wonder. With questions like "Pick The Answer" you really have to scratch your noodle to pull yourself through this one.

While you might think the best part about a game is winning, The Impossible Quiz makes the most out of defeat by making losing the game fun. You are given a series of lives to try to figure out each question and when you realize the answer it is often to late, drug back to the beginning to start all over. This is a good thing, because after each walk through, you find yourself thinking more and more like the game. Your mind starts to bend as you begin thinking in riddles. Perhaps the answer is the question! Perhaps the answer isn't even a word at all! All of this and more, in this exciting, revolutionary, and most importantly, hilarious game Impossible Quiz. You will have the time of your figurative life just clicking around and exploring this truly hilariously game.

The Impossible Quiz will test both your merit and your determination but is ultimately a must play game for anyone who is bored of playing the same game everyday. There is adventure and excitement in the unpredictable, so get out there today and see how clever you really are!

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